Growing a company by growing a staff

We are very impressed with how well our teams are coming together at This Old Farm. In September we are focusing on employee development within each of our teams. Lunch training sessions will allow a time for us to talk, away from the intensity of production, to set goals and share strategies for growth.

THIS OLD FARMTEAMS led by our fearless leader Jessica Smith, President and Owner:

Office/Distribution Team: Kendra Rairdon, Kristy Miller, Rick Watt, Shelly Rogers, Susan Belt

Processing Team: Kerry Mullendore, Brandon Snyder, Jenny Mullendore, Morgan Springer, Matt Beudel, Eli Pemberton, Amanda Davenport, Kyler Gardener

Harvest Team: Lucas Roosa, Francisco Salinas, Zach Sipple, Josh Judy

Value Added Goods Team: Adam Oswalt, Jeremy Lucio, Brian Timmons

Sanitation Team: Lucas Roosa, Jared Farrer, Brian Timmons

Sales Team: Kendra Rairdon, Kristy Miller, Rick Watt, Shelly Rogers, Lucas Roosa, Brandon Peacock, Susan Belt

We are still looking to hire several more members in our Sales, Harvest, and Processing Teams. If you have meat cutting experience, want to learn skills in the lost trade of whole animal butchery, or have interest in sales and marketing related to local meat processing and food hubs, please call Susan at 765-324-2161, send your resume to, or stop buy our store and fill out an application.

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