Good Food Conference

Erick, Jessica, and Conner left the countryside to travel to Chicago.  As Conner get’s ready to graduate from high school, he is working to make decisions as to what his future might hold.  As we walked to Localicious, an evening reception featuring food from the finest Chef’s of Chicago and fine Spirits (a nice way to say a good drink) he talked about the benefits of a family business.  Right now, Conner plans to study business and accounting while working full time in the family business.  We are excited to have him coming aboard.  The Good Food Conference was one of the first networking opportunities for Conner to be able to attend.  It is just great to be able to shake the hand of those we haven’t seen in almost a year as well as meet many new faces.  Chicago is clamoring for Good Food options.  We at This Old Farm, are working to rejuvenate farms by networking with those that want pasture raised pork, 100% grass fed beef, certified organic and locally raised produce.