Food MythBusters

A new short video came out that summarizes our support of family farms. It is the story we work to tell each and every day. We believe in choice. Many Americans get mad at large industry farming without taking time to realize that without our years of voting for that system it would not exist. We vote with our dollar. If we were not buying those products than those companies would not have a reason to produce them. In order to make a change we must know what we want to support. We must know what choices we want to make. As we approach election week, think not only what your ballot can do but think about what your monetary voting power can do. Take six minutes to hear the story done by Food MythBusters to better understand what This Old Farm stands behind.

Together we can make a difference. In just 3 years, we have farms raising livestock back outside. We have farmers feeding non-GMO grains. We have another feed elevator talking about switching to carry only non-GMO grains thus making them more available. I see change because of your vote!