Food Hubs have soft mission of employee development

This Old Farm is a nationally known food hub working to supply local food to the community by connecting farmers with viable markets for their products. The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) is an alliance of grassroots organizations that work to advance the sustainability of agriculture, food systems, natural resources, and rural communities. NSAC describes highlights from a USDA food hub report series that features This Old Farm as an example of a successful food hub. The report looks at best practices and lessons learned in the following areas in food hub operations: Customers, Labor, Products, Operations, Food Safety Certifications, Transportation, Infrastructure, Software, Viability and Success, and Common Ground. We are dedicated to employee development in these areas, so that each person who works on our team better understands his/her important role in our food hub operation.

We believe in NSAC’s vision that agriculture is one where a safe, nutritious, ample, and affordable food supply is produced by a legion of family farmers who make a decent living pursuing their trade, while protecting the environment, and contributing to the strength and stability of their communities.
There are many health benefits in buying food that is locally grown instead of traveling thousands of miles to reach our plates.

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