Fellow Farmer in Need!

Terry Himelick came to us several years ago excited to know of our processing business. While he had a processor close to home in Upland, Indiana he chose to drive down our direction because we were willing to work to help him get started marketing his products in a retail fasion. We enjoyed the many questions he had and the opportunity to work with other like minded producers. Today we can relate to their operation in yet another way, through the fire experience. Victory Acres, run by Terry Himelick, lost one of their barns this week. Because we have lived through the devastation of fire and been blessed to come out on the other side we wanted to lend a hand by spreading their story and their need. We had many supporters come out to help us get started once again after a fire destroyed our processing facility on December 27th, 2010. Our prayer is that Victory Acres can see a similar blessing through a community coming out to raise their barn once again. Please take a minute to visit their website and see how you might feel led to help another farmer in need.