Farmer Meeting and Tour: Saturday April 15 at 10am

Come meet with us on Saturday morning, April 15th as we finish up our three part series of farmer meetings this season. We will be discussing how to assess the quality of beef through examining the fat content to determine yield and grade; yield referring to the assessment of fat externally and grade referring to the assessment of fat in the internal muscle structure, i.e. marbling. Yes, it’s all about fat and what it means for meat quality!

Yield and Grade

The quality of meat starts well before processing and is determined by how animals are raised on the farm. A local grain distributor will give a short presentation and will answer questions. We will give a facility tour showing what our whole process looks like, stopping in the cooler to demonstrate how we determine yield and grade.

Quality yields and grades are what we look for in Alliance members, so if you are interested in learning about opportunities to sell your product through our Food Hub, come learn about our Alliance Program. We need you, the grower, to grow healthful food and at the meeting we will share how this marketing channel can be an effective way to get your product out to supporters of local foods.

We hope to see you there!
RSVP requested to or call 765-324-2161

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