Family Business

This Old Farm began as a single farm operation supporting some of the needs of one farm family.  Today it supports over 20 individuals and their families as well as many alliance farm families.  I once asked how the farm could be self sustaining, but I am blessed to now see that one operation grow to not only be self sustaining but also supporting multiple families.

On Friday, I had three employees say thank you for their jobs.  Not often do you hear those words as an employer.  But boy were they needed after a very long and hard week.  The folks that work alongside me to provide you with Good Food, work hard.  Their jobs are physically and mentally taxing.  The respect I have for them is great.  Each one is needed.  To see a family business grow to a community business is an outreach of the care and passion we have for Good Food, nutrition, and love of the family farms that we support.

Return the thanks that my employees were willing to pass along after a hard week with a prayer for all those in America that work diligently to provide food for our table.  Thank you to all of you for supporting Good Food Access and growth of the Family Farms raising our meat and vegetables here at This Old Farm.