Encouraging young cattleman and offering specials

The Indiana Young Cattleman are a new organization of the Indiana Beef Cattle Association. To start out their fundraising efforts, a golf outing has been planned for June 12th at the Walnut Creek Golf Course at Gas City. They are currently looking for Hole Sponsors. If anyone would like to help with this inaugural event, please let them know. Also get your teams together for this fun day. This Old Farm is participating by being a hole sponsor and will have our logo on a flag at one hole on the golf course.

We want to encourage young people to raise beef cattle and the best way to so is to buy Indiana beef to promote the market. So we are offering 10% off on Ground Beef this week.

The Indiana Beef Cattle Association is having a 30 day protein challenge and is offering recipes, goals, and inspiration to help you get an optimal amount of protein throughout your day.

Other excellent sources of protein are chicken and pork, so take advantage of our 20% off May Specials:

Pasture Raised, Non-GMO Chicken
* Breasts – bone in, boneless, and strips
* Broiler Bones – stock pile broth on rainy days
* Whole Fryers <3lb * Wings - who doesn't love wings in either a secret recipe sauces or a classic favorite
Pasture Raised, Pork

* Ground Pork Patties – Great to throw on the grill
* Sausage – Very universal; Make your own patties, meat loaf, Saturday morning biscuits and gravy… the options are endless!

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