Eggs, Springtime, and Easter!

The egg has been a longstanding symbol for spring. It represents the birth of new life and the recovery from a cold winter (not to mention, there are many many eggs in the spring time). Decorating eggs for Easter is a tradition that is thought to have existed since the 13th century in certain parts of Europe, and it’s a tradition that is alive and well today. Eggs were prohibited during Lent, and it’s thought that they were decorated as a celebration that they could once again be eaten at the end of lent.

Whatever the reason, eggs are an important symbol for Easter and spring in general, and our hens are committed to making sure there are plenty of eggs available. With the increased daylight hours, the egg production from our hens is increasing dramatically! As it gets warmer, the hens are quite excited to get to spend more time outside. Whoever opens up the chicken house on any particular day is greeted by a great rush of chickens read to get outside (despite the recent mud). As they are spending more time outside, and thus getting more green matter in their diet, the yolks of their eggs are returning to that dark orange color pasture raised eggs are known for.

We love getting our customers to come out to see us and pick up their eggs, but if we’re too far away you can find our eggs at Natures Pharm in Castleton, Greenwood, and Lafayette as well as Georgetown Market and Traders Point Creamery in Indianapolis. We hope we, with the help of our hens, can help contribute to the long tradition of the Easter egg. Enjoy the Spring weather!