Education on the Farm; Starting an Heirloom Garden

Starting next Saturday at 2 pm, I will enjoy sharing my passion for life on the farm and good food with anyone wanting to learn.  There is still opportunity to sign up for our educational CSA or just a class at a time.  

Educational CSA:  This Old Farm is launching a workshop series to be held Saturday afternoons, from 2 PM to 3:30AM at the farm or other location upon notification.  Jessica Smith will share information about different aspects of farm life from organic gardening to raising chickens to preserving the harvest.  Whether you are new to growing your own food or a seasoned veteran, there will be something for everyone.  They make a great addition to your home school curriculum.  Unless otherwise advertised each class will be $15/ a piece or $25/ family.  A $5 discount will be given for any good quality garden implements donated to the farm (ie shovels, farm rake, hoes, hand tools, gloves, hose)  If in doubt, ask if we need it.  All class topics will be posted in the calendar.  If there is something you would like to learn about and you don’t see the topic, please let us know.   These classes are also part of an educational CSA.  This is intended to be a hands on CSA.  As a CSA share owner you will be registered in each of the available workshops.  As is standard with a CSA, you will receive a share of the harvest each week representing a basketful of produce intended to fulfill the needs of a family of four.  Each Educational CSA is $550 payable in two installments.  Though we encourage you to take part in the education part of the CSA we will provide CSA baskets for the same price without the educational opportunity if you are tight for time. 

 The first weeks class is an overview of our gardens.  

Starting an Heirloom Garden 

Have you wanted to put out a garden but don’t know where to start?  This workshop will give an overview of considerations as we take a closer look at the garden plans at This Old Farm.  Please RSVP to

Cost $15 with a $5 discount for any good garden implement donated to the farm (ie hoes, shovels, soaker hose, etc…)

For future class topics, please visit our calendar