Easy Summertime Meal!

Ham is one of the easiest dinners to prepare and our ham comes guilt free.  We smoke our ham with a hickory smoke after “curing” with only sea salt, celery juice powder, and a variety of spices.  No added pink salts representing nitrites and nitrates.  Because it is precooked all you have to do is warm it back up.  I love a little sweetness to my ham so often add a maple syrup glaze by pouring over just a little maple syrup before putting it in the oven at 325 degrees until it reaches 155 degrees internal temperature.  Our Maple Syrup comes from Sugar Maples growing along Sugar Creek and is boiled down by John Swarey.  Most kids today have never tried real maple syrup.  They are only familiar with corn syrup with maple flavoring.  We hope you learn to enjoy the real natural sugars available right here in Indiana.

Enjoy are Local Sampler Basket containing both Organic Ham and Syrup as well as 3 produce items or order your ham at a 10% discount ala carte!  Either way we are sure you will start enjoying ham for more than Easter.