Easter Sunday! Dont’ forget the pasture raised eggs.

Yes, next Sunday Christians around the globe will attend church and celebrate the resurrection of Christ who was born as an offering for our sinful nature.  This holiday is linked with many traditions from Easter baskets to Egg hunts.  Did you know one reason egg hunts are part of the Easter holiday is that spring is the season for the greatest production of eggs?  As the daylight hours lengthen and days grow warmer, chickens naturally start to lay more eggs.  To eat with the seasons, eat more eggs in the spring.  To reward you for eating with the seasons, we will offer a 20% discount on your egg purchases over 5 dozen.  This offer also applies to wholesale accounts.  Just let us know you saw this posting.

We would also love to be part of your Easter meal.  We have saved back many of our Hickory Smoked Holiday Hams low in nitrates and nitrates.  These wonderful hams are brined in sea salt and celery juice powder for an old fashioned taste similar to a Virginia Salt Ham of days gone by.  We have both traditionally raised hams and hams from hogs that were raised on pasture fed certified organic grains.  Give us a call today to reserve yours.

We also have pasture raised turkey and 100% grass fed lamb available for your holiday table.  We look forward to hearing from you shortly.  Call 765 324-2161.