Deer Season: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we will process your deer during hunting season. Please do not remove the hide yourself, as we cannot accept carcasses with no hide. Please call ahead to let us know if you are bringing in a deer.

All deer meat cuts are processed boneless. The basic fee is $120 for animals up to 120 pounds and $160 for animals over 120 pounds. Extra charges apply for sausage, and for saving the skull cap, cape and hide.

To avoid meat spoilage and potential food poisoning, drop your deer off as soon as possible after it is killed. Likewise, we urge you to resist salvaging roadkill, unless you are very experienced at doing so. “Given the nature of vehicular collisions, the chance for bacterial contamination would be a concern because of gut spillage from a ruptured bladder or torn intestines,” writes Amy Halloran in Food Safety News. “If an animal was hit, the force of being hit by a car can cause internal damage that being shot through the head or the heart wouldn’t cause.”

Deer are generally processed within a week of drop-off. Your meat must be picked up within 24 hours of being notified that your order is complete. Skull caps, capes and hides must be picked up on the day of processing.

If you have a good hunting season and have more venison than you can eat, we can donate the meat on your behalf to Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry, or to a select list of other food charities. One deer can provide up to 200 meals of lean, healthy protein for fellow Hoosiers in need.


  1. Sue

    Guessing by “we will slaughter your deer” you mean you will “process” it? I still have to find and kill it myself? 🙂 Just bein’ a little picky about wording here!

    1. This Old Farm

      Good catch, Sue! Yes, we do intend for you to kill it before you bring it in for processing 🙂


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