CSA Updates

My counter is lined with scarlet red jars representing the bounty of a June strawberry patch.  With the humidity and heat it was a great day to learn inside.  It is my hope that all attending saw just how easy food preservation is.  Jam is a great place to start as the reward is oh so good.  Next week a taste will be in the share baskets.     

This week’s box consisted of……..

lettuce, kale,  spring onions, radishes, broccoli, and kohlrabi.

I enjoy all the lettuce I can get in the early season as it will be too hot for lettuce before we know it.  The radishes and spring onions make great salad toppers but I have most been enjoying the onions in a simple cheese and onion omelet.  My broccoli is going to make cream of broccoli soup with stock made from our chicken which is in the pressure cooker now.  Kale is great gently sauteed where the bite is taken out by the heat while the high vitamin content stays behind.  Kohlrabi makes for an easy snack by itself, with salt, or with a bit of dressing.  Peel away the tough outside and slice it up.

Join us next week to learn about compost, the key to all organic gardening.