CSA Update

This week’s box consisted of……..

lettuce, kale,  spring onions, radishes, cabbage, and kohlrabi.

The end of the lettuce season is coming near.  The heat makes for a fuller flavor and eventually the plant can’t resist bolting (trying to make seeds.)  Planting will be done for a fall crop for many items that have been in the spring boxes including the lettuce (the one I will miss the most).  The onions are growing larger and will stay around a while.  The cabbage has come on and can be enjoyed in so many different ways.  I enjoy an easy dinner of cabbage and ham (or bacon).  Cole slaw is a favorite.  Having a German background makes me greatly enjoy making kraut.   A tablespoon a day keeps the gut populated with good bacteria and your immune system strong.  The kohlrabi supply was short but would make a good salad topper; don’t forget to peel it.  My Kale will get chopped and cooked with oil to accompany eggs in the morning.  I love starting the day with good greens and the best protein available. 

Join us next week to learn about rotational grazing, the key to grassfed beef and lamb.