CSA Update

This week we had a volunteer (WWOOF er) help put together CSA baskets.  What fun it is to fill a basket of goodies.  I am hoping Phoebe left the farm with good thoughts of fresh food.  We have been blessed to have a fellow property owner host several WWOOfers that she then sends our way for a day or two.  Check it out; it is a neat organization.

This weeks selections included:

Tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, beets, summer squash, trombocinni squash, kale, and  onions. 

We enjoyed hashbrowns this morning for breakfast.  They are so easy to make if you have a food processor to grate the potatoes.  Just grate and fry in a bit of oil.  Salt and pepper to taste.  They went well with sauteed kale and the Queso Blanco cheese made during our Home Dairying class.  The yogurt turned out perfectly thick and was transferred to the fridge this morning.  It will pair well with sauteed squash.  My kids have been after a treat of zucchini bread which will go nicely with the butter we made.  Hopefully the class time was an inspiration of how easy it is to make dairy products (The “failed” cottage cheese was utilized to make Queso Blanco so there was no waste.)  I enjoyed talking with another volunteer at the farm for the day who expressed how satisfying good food is.  He and his wife made the switch to eating locally raised, whole foods within the past year and he expressed how joyous it is to eat like this.  (He has also lost 15 pounds just because he is not eating processed foods.)  I hope you too have been blessed with good food from the farm.   

Next week during class we will talk about what is being planted for our fall baskets in our Fall Gardening Workshop.