CSA Update

This weeks box shows the beauty of a full summer allotment.  The spring crops are fading and the summer favorites coming on strong. 

This weeks selections included:

Eggplant, new potatoes, kale, cabbage, broccoli, summer squash, new onions, basil and for those that joined us at class time, apricots. 

A perfect summertime dinner is ratatouille, a stewed vegetable dish.  It would be perfect with this weeks vegetable selections.  Cole Slaw has been our dinner accompaniment with the cabbage.  Try making kale chips this week as an easy snack.  Zucchini is best sauteed when it is young but the large zucchinis make great zucchini bread.  And with the apricots think desert.  Evan, our son, just turned nine and usually requests a wild raspberry cake for his birthday.  The early season brought the berries on early this year and they are now gone so we switched to an angel food cake with apricot glaze.  It looks fantastic. 

We enjoyed gathering apricots at the beginning of class.  The kids shook the branches and then gathered the tree ripened fruit; oh so sweet.  We finished up with a study on rotational grazing, the key to nutritionally dense foods.