Cold Yet? Fall is in the air! Don’t forget your turkey order!

I love the fall season. I got to spend my day yesterday planting shrubs with my oldest son. It is great when you can point and say dig here. You see all your years of hard work raising a fine young man turn into the ability to return to the things you enjoyed prechildren such as in this case, landscaping or beautifying our land we care for.

While planting, I got a call from an old acquaintance who had run out of chicken feed for the weekend due to a flat tire. She needed help to feed her feathered turkeys and we could lend a helping hand. I am so glad she reached out for help from her farming community. It felt good to know we were able to help her in her endeavors to raise good food. And then I thought, turkeys! I had yet to make the call for turkey deposits. It feels like fall, it is beginning to look like fall, and we will be sitting down with our loved ones to enjoy a harvest celebration before you know it. Call us today to place your Thanksgiving turkey order. It only requires a $25 deposit. The remainder will be paid at pick up ($5.00/lb) Your turkey is being raised on pasture right now being fed non GMO grains. We would love to reserve one in your name. (765) 324-2161 or