Calling all Witham Hospital Employees

Witham Hospital in Lebanon, IN is adding good food choices to their Health and Wellness plan.  This Old Farm will deliver employee orders each Thursday afternoon starting the 14th of June.  We need you to sign up ASAP for this special opportunity as a Witham employee.  Following is the information you may need.  If you don’t have time to read through it, just give us a call and we will walk you through the sign up process over the phone or internet.  Call (765) 324-2161.  We need at least 15 employees to get us started, so call today to make it happen at your workplace.

CSA Membership 

Background:  Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. Typically the food consists of a box of vegetables, and frozen meats but other artisan products may be included. Most CSA’s have an upfront cost of close to $500 to support the farms early season need for capitol.   In return, CSA members receive a box (bag, basket) of seasonal produce.  This Old Farm wants to limit the road blocks of reaching out to support local farms by offering all the benefits of a CSA without the high upfront costs.

Instructions.  Please fill out this form and email, fax, or mail it to the contact info below.  Once we receive it, we will contact you right away and get all the logistics such as payment and pick up points out of the way.  You can also visit our website at and sign up on line by clicking on “My Account” in the top right hand corner and filling out the information there and then by purchasing the CSA Membership under “CSA Style Shopping” on the left hand side of the page.


Contact Info



Best Phone:



  Delivery Location:  

City, Zip:





We use email as the primary form of communication.  With that in mind please check

___Great, I use email regularly

___I use email randomly, don’t expect a quick response.

___I never use email, please call me if it’s important.

We send out a weekly newsletter with different farm and food updates unless you tell us otherwise.

___Please DO NOT send updates in email form

Do you or a family member have any food allergies?  _______________________________


I was referred by ____________________________________________________________



 Payment Options


We accept cash, checks, mastercard, and visa. Make Checks Payable to: This Old Farm

Most transactions will be through paypal throughout the season.  For specifics please call.


What membership options would you like?  Follow these steps:

  1. Choose your share type or types
  2. Calculate the amounts of options/discounts in the column to the right.  Please note referral discounts will be adjusted as friends send in their applications.
  3. Email or mail this form.  You may mail your check at this time or wait until we contact you to arrange payment.
  4. We are happy to walk through all options on the phone.  Give us a call (765) 324-2161.


Choose one of the options below.


 Your Costs

Type/write cost below

Meat CSA- Meats for a family of 4 with the exception of fish.

Leftovers for one or two will cover lunches.  Meats will be selected following a meal plan created by KerryAnn at Cooking Traditional Foods.  Check out a sample menu at or

Substitutions can be made, please mark if you want the following.

No lamb Option________No pork option______ Other__________


Full Share Cost is $40/week payable in 12 week selections.


Half Share -2 meat meals is $25/week payable in 12 week selections.



Click and Shop CSA

This is the most convenient way we can offer you all the benefits and variety of purchasing local products.  Just $35 per year would cover the start up for each CSA member.  As a CSA member, you would have access to our CSA only discount at 10% off of all of our locally grown items with just a $30 minimum weekly order.  There is no weekly requirement for orders.  We have an extensive list of meat, produce, eggs, cheese, honey and other locally produced artisan items.  All agricultural products are source identified by farm and raised on local, sustainable, Indiana farms.  All ordering and payment will take place on line from once a membership account is set up for ease and convenience.  Two This Old Farm Cooler bags are included so that they can be rotated each week for deliveries.


                       Membership fee



Egg Subscriptions Pastured hens fed certified organic grains or natural non GMO grains produce fantastic eggs @ just $4.00/dozen or $3.20 for natural.  Ensure your supply by signing up for a subscription.  You can also order them by the dozen with a click and shop CSA Membership.  Just keep in mind that we fulfill our egg subscriptions first in case of a supply issue.  Pick up/prearranged delivery can be once a week, bimonthly, or monthly


One month at a time (4 weeks-$4.50/dozen for Organic_____$3.60/dozen  Natural_______)

$18.00 x ___ doz/week Organic or $14.40 x ____doz/week Natural.





Three months at a time (13 weeks-4.25/dozen for Organic_____$3.40/dozen  Natural_______)

$55.25 x ____doz/week Organic or $44.20 x ____doz/week natural.


Extended Season (26 weeks-$4.00/dozen for Organic_____$3.20/dozen for Natural_____)

$104 x ____doz/week Organic or $83.20 x _____ doz/week natural.






Total included

Add up all Columns