This week is certainly going to be an interesting week, and very cold! This Old Farm plans on working through it but in a somewhat limited fashion on Monday.   To keep our staff safe, we will be shutting our offices down on Monday to reopen Tuesday for your Good Food needs.  Tuesday’s harvest schedule has been moved to Thursday so that we can allow our farmers time to dig out there stock.  Speaking of stock, they are snugly warm in the barn tonight.  The newest lambs look perfectly happy.

Check in here or on our facebook page here to stay updated on any additional delays.

Keep warm and be safe,

This Old Farm inc. staff

The Youngest Smith child and her snowman   May you find some down time to hug someone or something you love today!

We will keep working on the farm to keep the stock warm and the water broken while enjoying a few more hugs from those “stuck” on the farm with us.