Barn Raising with Trader’s Point Creamery Partnership!

Up it goes!When asked why we do what we do, I often reply because we get to meet really cool people. In a world where we run constantly, there is a very comforting feeling knowing we are part of a community. The sustainable farming community is reaching out to lend a hand, yet again, after our fire on December 27th at our 7000 square foot processing facility dedicated to serving local farms. It couldn’t be a better time as the expenses of construction peak.

Maria Smietana, both operator of Valentine Hill Farm and Market Master for Trader’s Point Creamery, has put together a fundraiser to be held April 30th at 6 PM in the barn at Trader’s Point Creamery.  Jane and Fritz, owners of Trader’s Point Creamery, do a fantastic job supporting other local farm operations like our own. Our many fellow vendors are coming around us to support the event by offering great food and a wonderful atmoshphere. Join us for a glass of wine, good music, and great food while we celebrate our continued progress to rising from the flames with a new building. Your support warms our hearts.

Tickets can be purchased at the Valentine Hill Farm tables at Binford Farmers Market (9 to 12 Saturdays), or the Green Market at Traders Point Creamery (9-12:30 Saturdays); the Creamery Dairy Store, or by e-mailing Maria Smietana at and mailing a check to: Maria Smietana, TOFI Fundraiser, 7549 South Retriever Lane, Zionsville, IN 46077.

For more information please contact Maria at