When you purchase a pound of ground beef from the grocery store, what costs are included in the price? The cost of feed is certainly included, as well as the labor involved in tending to and butchering the animal, the cost of maintaining the land and equipment used, the cost of shipping the product, and […]

Snow may be upon us in the near future, which means it’s time to put away the summer clothes and bundle up! Now through November 15th (or while supplies last), place an order for a turkey in our retail store and get a This Old Farm hoodie free of charge. While you’re here, check out […]

Though most people won’t be giving much thought to their Thanksgiving meal until the day is more imminent, John Mark Stoltzfus has been tending to your Thanksgiving turkey all summer! John Mark Stoltzfus is one of our first Farmer Alliance members whose Amish family farm is located in Hagerstown, Indiana, 30 miles from the Ohio […]