Attention…..2015 Alliance Members!

If you have not had an opportunity to fill out our new Alliance Member Application, please take a few moments to do so. The last page of the application is an opportunity for you to tell us all about you, your farm and your products!!! We are getting prepared to kick of our Marketing Initiatives, and part of that initiative is to tell the story of our local farmers and Alliance Members. Here is your opportunity to brag about yourself, your family, your farm, and all you have accomplished and the road you have taken to get where you are today.

Please find the link below for the application. You can either email your application back to Kristy at or mail it to our office at 9572 W County Road 650 S, Colfax, IN 46035, or come on by and bring it to us. While your here, you can check out our Retail Store, and stock your freezer while your here or check out the goodies from some of our other Alliance Members.

Also, please submit pictures of you, your family, your farm, your product or whatever else you feel will help promote YOUR PRODUCT!!!!

We look forward to 2015 and having the opportunity to help promote Local Farmers and Local Products!!!!!

A-1 Label Claim and Producer Information Application 12-18-14

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