A Tribute to Richard L. Smith

Erick’s father, Richard Smith, died on Thursday.  Those of you who have been to the farm, likely remember his smiling presence as he had taken up residence in a house we built next to our own.  Dick was one of our largest supporters.  Even before moving to the farm, he would come out and help us get things going.  Like many, he found refuge in the farm after years away.  As a young boy, he grew up on a farm.  He always liked to remind me that we were farming no different than he did as a boy before the start of chemical farming.  He was happy to leave that farm and the long hours it represented.  Yet, he was ever so proud when we decided to buy a farm.   He was happy to return and join our endeavors.  He never left the farm without a brochure in hand and a willingness to tell others about what we were doing.  Even through last year, he was always present when we processed chickens, rain or shine, in sickness and health.  He wouldn’t let much stop him.  He fought hard and worked hard.  I will forever be thankful for the legacy that he left behind in a fantastic family that will miss his presence greatly.  Your patience through a tough season has been appreciated.  We were blessed to have the opportunity to care for him at home. 

Dick asked that no Memorial Services be had, yet our church would like to pay Tribute to a wonderful man.  A special worship service will be had next Sunday at 10:30 am. 

Location:  Sugar Plain Friends Church  8980 W SR 47  Thorntown, IN

Time:  10:30 AM