A Successful Meeting of The Minds!

Many have asked how our Alliance meeting went on November 14th. We were quite pleased to have many interested sustainably minded farmers come expressing an interest in seeing better processing options and a better distribution system in Indiana. We are now pleased to be working on making that happen; the first week in our processing division went well. We have jumped hurdles but still have more to jump. Yet the successes and words of encouragement fuel the mission. Your patience and support through the period of transition mean so much. We know many want access to good healthy food and we know that more growers are responding to these requests; now we just need to work on putting them together to supply Indiana with the kind of food we all want. Food that is grown locally without the use of growth hormones and antibiotics. Food that is processed naturally. Food that we feel good feeding to our families. Buying our meat makes your place a good place to eat!

Thank you for your continued support!