A Holiday With A Name

Today I made the last two pots of soup for our church soup and salad supper from the Thanksgiving Turkey.  The first was a creamy potato and onion soup.  It was made with the broth from our Thanksgiving turkey raised by John Mark Stolzfus, onions raised by Benjamin Beiler,  Potatoes raised by the Witwer family, and milk from our own farm.  I was making it in the morning when the kids showed up asking what was for breakfast.  When I mentioned toast, they groaned.  Who would want toast with the wonderful smells that had been created in the kitchen.  They all sat down to enjoy soup for breakfast.  Seemed a bit odd to me, but they were happy.  So now the 20 serving pot is down to a small pot remaining so I go on to make the other soup I had planned.  I like to batch cook with my size family so I already had the ingredients out and ready for Creamy Turkey and Rice Soup.  Very similar ingredients but the potatoes were replaced with rice and a few veggies thrown in from what is left from our fall crops.  Now the kids have easy lunches for the week and I have turned a page to a new holiday season.

Food is such a part of our life.  Three times a day most of us look for something to eat.  It is at the holiday when we put in extra effort to make it extra special.  This is when I realize just how special my food is all the time.    You see, my food has a back ground.  I know who raised the food I eat 80% of the time.  While I watched people hustle and bustle at the stores to collect there holiday goodies I sat back knowing that everything served at our holiday table would have a name behind it.  We had a local Thanksgiving meal in which we could be truly thankful for.

Turkey-Credit goes to John Mark Stolzfus of Sunny Hollow Farm

Mashed Potatoes-Thank you Benjamin Beiler!

Candied Sweet Potatoes-Wow, Emanuel Fisher and Family did a great job on these.  Did you know that the canned yams are peeled with a chemical close to lye.

Stuffing-Thank you Bill and Maria Smietana with Valentine Hill Farm for great organic breads.

Cole Slaw-Purple Rock Farm brought a great number of beautiful heads of cabbage and peppers  in, along with onions from Benjamin Beiler.

We were truly blessed to have an age old Thanksgiving with a name.  Wouldn’t you like to do the same for this Christmas Holiday.  Give us a call so we can put a face on your food.  This Christmas holiday enjoy a fillet roast from Myers Farm, a holiday ham raised by our own farm, or a turkey by John Mark Stolzfus.  Give us a call at (765) 324-2161 so we can put a name on your Holiday.