CSA Updates

Despite the threat of rain, we had a nice group of people come out to learn on Saturday “How to Start an Heirloom Garden.”  We covered everything from soil preparation, planting, to management.  We worked as a group to quickly put in some peppers and egg plants, followed by corn.  Look at our calendar to keep updated on what is coming next at the farm.  We would love to have you join us.    Next week we will be taking the beautiful strawberries and learning how to make jam.  Come on out early or plan to stay to pick strawberries for your own jam making adventure.   

This week’s box consisted of……..

salad greens-delicate amish specked green lettuce, spinach, 2 quarts of strawberries,  spring onions, and radishes.

The lettuce is a perfect meal for a hot day with spring onions, radishes, a few strawberries and some grilled chicken on top.  (The chicken is being processed every Thursday at This Old Farm Meats and Processing.)  Did I mention we have started processing chicken weekly.)  The spinach shows the imperfection of organic gardening in that it has a few wholes.  It was perfect this week sauteed with the onions in some olive oil.  If the radishes are too hot for your likings as a salad topping you can sautee those as well to take the bite out.  I could suggest a recipe for the strawberries but if it is like my house they aren’t making it much further than into the mouth fresh.  They are so good!  I hope you enjoy this week’s garden bounty.