50% off select Pastured Chicken

Raised out on grass, with a wide diet including grass, insects, and a grain supplement, pasture raised chickens are a wonderful, healthful meal! We are currently overstocked in our pasture raised chicken, so for a limited time, we’ll be running a 50% sale on smoked chickens, wings, necks and feet! Hurry, these supplies won’t last long!

Smoked chickens are oh so easy!  Just throw them in the oven to reheat.  They are seasoned and ready to be the center piece of any Good Food meal!

Wings are one of my families favorite messy meals.  Grab a pint of Good Old Fasioned Lard made from our hogs fed certified organic grains.  Heat the fat until bubbling.   Put the wings in, cooking until golden brown.  Top with your favorite sauce.  We love featuring Local Folks Food Barbecue Sauce at our shop.  Another favorite is a simple Teriyaki or soy sauce, wine, and RJ Honey out of Lebanon.

For the oddities like feet and necks, it is true that many purchase these for their pets.  Yet I prided myself in my early years of cooking and farming on how little we could get by on.  We took all the oddities and made wonderful meals.  In fact, in coming back from a short anniversary trip to Niagra Falls this evening everyone asked for Good Food.  After a few days of eating out, everyone was ready for something healing.  Being late, we needed something simple.  S0 I was happy to have broth made from those oddities in the fridge ready to go.  I made a simple roux (sauteed onion and butter then added flour until crumbly), threw in the broth and organic tomatoes with salt and pepper for a very simple soup.  Under 15 minutes and oh so good!  Everyone was happy to sit around the dinner table and catch up on the happening of the last few days.  Good Food and fellowship; now that is the meaning of family!

By Jessica Smith