4H Fair Time

Most assume that with 5 children and livestock we are involved with 4H by default.  Amazingly we have not been directly involved as participants.  It seems life has kept us too busy with other activities.  Because we have five children we have them choose just one activity or else we would find ourselves running and not taking the time to enjoy our time together.  That said, 4H has a great impact on our lives.  Who can resist a late night Ferris wheel ride with those you love.  Fair time is enjoyable from the rides to seeing the hard work of our community youth with their many projects.  On Friday, we found ourselves at the Tippecanoe fairgrounds making a delivery to the Tippecanoe Pork Producers Tent as a family, we then gifted our soon to be 9 year old with the opportunity to ride a few rides and ended the night with a walk through the sheep barn and the rabbit barn.  While our children have not been involved with the programs offered, we are proud to be a part of a farming community that supports youth and agricultural practices.  We are always excited to see a young person come into the processing facility preparing to fill the family freezer with meat.  We love the busy season for our business.  We have hired several to get us through the busy processing season and work to fit in as many appointments as possible.  We also enjoy being able to provide meat products to the public looking to support the agricultural community.  This year we have sent ground beef patties to one fair, sent over a 1000 lbs of pork tenderloin, barbecue, pork patties, and other meat to the Tippecanoe Pork Producers tent this week, and later we will participate in Savor The Flavor at the State Fair Grounds.  Thank you to all those who reach out to support our future in agriculture in Indiana through supporting 4H activities!