10 Ideas for Including Good Food in Your Holiday Celebrations…………….

1. Gift Cards from This Old Farm make a perfect gift. Introduce someone new to Good Food or fill a loved one’s freezer.
2. Holiday Hams. Low in sugar so add your favorite glaze if you like it sweet. 20% off. Cut to order.
3. Whole Beef Tenderloin–My personal favorite on Christmas Day. 20% off with mention of this article.
4. Whole Turkeys–Didn’t have one for Thanksgiving…… Here is another opportunity. Recipe’s available.
5. Pie–Yes we carry Wick’s pies made right in Indiana.
6. Local Produce…… Still have sweet potatoes, red fingerling potatoes, leeks, and carrots for your dinner table.
7. Chocolate for the stockings. Made right here in Indiana.
8. Jerky…. Some, like my youngest daughter, prefers Jerky in her stocking (OK, maybe both).
9. Gift Baskets–A combination of local jams, jellies, and sauces.
10. Coffee and tea– Last but not least, Indianapolis roasted coffee beans. The way to win over my heart is by bringing me a cup of coffee.

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