Cutting Instructions - Beef

A beef carcass is first divided into eight large sections, known as primals. These are then cut into individual roasts or steaks, depending on customer preference.
1. Chuck
2. Brisket and Shank
3. Rib
4. Short Plate
5. Flank
6. Short Loin
7. Sirloin
8. Round
  • If you are submitting multiple orders for several customers but plan to pick up for them, please label the various orders with letter designations. (ie Smith A, Smith B, Smith C)
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    Most orders can be delivered to a farm or business location for $75.
  • When purchasing a quarter there are a few limitations that may cause us to make a cutting instruction change. We have to match your order with a partner order as there really is no quarter beef but rather we are sharing a half beef between two people. Ground beef should be done in 1 lb packages. Steak thinkness and type of steaks have to match as well. If they do not, we may make a change to make sure you get the equal quantity of good meat into your freezer. Thank you for your trust and understanding in getting you all the options possible!
    Click Yes, if you will be selling by the cut. Click no, if the product is going into your freezer.
  • $16.50 per order; Label Claim Application and certifications due in office prior to drop off
  • Order Basics

  • Please enter a number from 2 to 60.
    They break apart for an easy dinner for any number. 15/box. 2 box minimum.
  • Please enter a number from 25 to 300.
    Nice presentation for retail sales. Minimum 25 lbs.
    Up to 10# bags; labeled Soup Bones
    Whole or Half Beef only as their is just one. Perfect for making fajitas or stir fry.
    Marrow bones with a good amount of meat. Great for making broth or beef and noodles.
    8 packs per whole beef order, 4 packs per half, 2 packs per quarter. If extra stew desired put a note in the notes box.
  • Rib Section

    Only whole beef can choose 2 options.
  • Brisket

    A finished beef should have a nice full brisket. This is Jessica's favorite cut. Cook on low heat all day for the most flavorful meat you will ever have.
  • Chuck

    This is the most complex area of the beef with many muscles. These cuts are nice and flavorful but should be slow cooked.
  • Expect 2 roasts per half at 2-4 lbs.
  • Expect 8 roasts per half beef at 2-4 lbs.
  • Hind Portion

    Whole or half beef only as there is just one. Perfect for stir fry or fajitas.
    Whole Beef Only- Just one of these per beef. This used to be known as the butchers steak as they kept a bucket for this tender piece of meat that is perfect for stews or stir fry. Expect a full flavor.
  • Loin Section

    We all wish there were more of these tender cuts. Enjoy!
  • Round

    A low fat area of the beef. Great for boneless roasts and tenderized cube steaks.
  • A nice boneless roast for carving or slow cooking. Expect 3-4 roasts at 2-4 lbs.
  • Most special requests are priced at $1.10/lb or a $10/order flat fee.
  • Submission Time

    By hitting submit, you agree that the cutting instructions are final. We appreciate your order! Here's to good beef. Basic Slaughter Fees: under 1200 lbs $93.50 1200-1400 lbs $115.50 1400 -1600 lbs $137.50 Processing (includes vacuum packing!) - $.61/lb hanging weight Federal Inspection $16.50 Inventory done in package count $5.50 Waste disposal $5.50 Additional fees may apply in the event of unforeseen circumstances. We strive to work efficiently to keep the cost of your order as low as possible.
  • Office Notes

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  • Processing Notes

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