Grab your farm neighbor and come enjoy a morning learning about processing services and marketing of Good Local Food. We find we do the best job with our farmer customers when we are able to sit down and go through the process of what happens at drop off of livestock to pick up of product […]

Greetings New and Returning Livestock Farmers! The New Year is underway and operations at This Old Farm are ramping up. We have gained several new customers and we want to help you, the grower, satisfy the demand for fresh, local and naturally raised meats and produce. We have already planned three opportunities for you to […]

The following article opened my eyes to just how quickly we can hand our food supply off to the highest bidder. The last several years have balanced my perception of agriculture in the US and abroad. While most are happy to eat dinner and not think about where the food came from on their plate, […]

As we turn the calendar, we welcome you as a new or veteran This Old Farm newsletter reader! The turn of the year represents the time we relook at those things near and dear to our lives. It is not surprising that food choice is one of those. After all, it is the food that […]

As we hustle and bustle towards the Christmas day of celebration, may we all remember the reason we celebrate. It is the gift of grace and forgiveness that I am most thankful for this time of year. I need to be reminded. If you are anything like me, you might be burning the rope at […]

Morning Ag Clips posted an article after our last Thanksgiving holiday that follows. They point out that farmers receive 17.4 % on average of the final cost of the food purchased at Thanksgiving (or anytime for that matter). Wow! It sounds incriminating, yet it is both true and understandable once you work in the food […]

Wow! A few weeks passed by so quickly and I failed to take the time to sit and wish our readers a Happy Holiday season. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We managed to have several staff members out over the last few weeks which added to our hectic schedule. The joke around the […]